4 Tips To Make Money With A Blog

Most bloggers would like to make money with a blog and even manage to live it decently. Unfortunately, few of them succeed! Many people have tried it but never got the profits they want from their blog because they do not have a plan.

Blog plan: why?

There are two main reasons why most people who try to make money through a blog do not succeed. One of the reasons is that the majority of novice bloggers think they just put their content online for people to read. They often expect the number of their readers to grow immediately and start producing money just as quickly. It does not happen!

The other reason is that many bloggers fail to establish a realistic plan. The key to making money as a blogger is to have a realistic plan and stick to that. When these conditions are not met, disappointment often puts an end to their willingness to continue their blog. Some think that “blogging” is more “work” than they thought.

If you want to make money using blogs, you must treat your blog as a business and a business requires work, but first and foremost, good preparation and therefore, a good plan .

How to get a real salary with blog?

To succeed in making money with a blog, you will need 2 essential things:

  • Excellent single content : Do not just copy and paste articles from other sites! Not only that, it will do you no good but, on the contrary, will penalize you!

The content you duplicate is governed by strict rules of the Intellectual Property (Copyright) and breaking these rules will lead you, in the best case, to the dereference of your site by Google or, at worst, in front of a court! Be creative, informative, unique and respect your readers, they will thank you!

  • Traffic: The more traffic to your blog, the more likely you are to make sales. However, getting the usual visitors you need is not easy. Traffic is like the sap of the tree; it is he who allows you to earn income from your blogger activity. Once you master these 2 aspects, you can start monetizing your blog.