How To Make Money Online With Your Blog?

You can easily earn money on blogging. If you have a dream of living your blog, read this thorough guide.

I live by blogging. When people ask me what I’m doing, and I say I’m professional blogger, they are completely blurred, so I’m beginning to say I’m an author, because most people understand. But in reality, my primary job is that I’m blogging. The blog here is the core of my business, it’s mine and my only one, and that’s what the other things (books and lectures) originate from.

I regularly receive questions about how to grab this blogging ad, so now I’ve tried to gather some of my experiences in this post. The tips here are based on the considerations I’ve made as the blog has moved from hobby to business and can be used both if you are brand new to blogging or if you have a blog you want to develop further on.


Create your blog

Yes, it might say, but you start by creating a blog and start blogging.

There are lots of free blog platforms that you can use. I use and prefer WordPress. Try to be creative when you find your blog name or keep it neutral by using your own name. This is especially true if you are called something delicious such as Emily Salomon or Anna Warrington. Grethe Jensen will be barely so sexy here (sorry, Grethe!).

Keep in mind that maybe one day your blog grows up to become your business. Then it may be a little downside, if it’s called something crazy like the Mad Bandit. Just a tip!

Produces good and unique content as often as possible

In order for your blog to attract readers, you need to produce some content, and you’d like to do it regularly. It’s also an advantage if your content has some kind of unique character.

Unless you are familiar when you start your blog, nobody or quite a few will read it at first. There we all start, but just wipe the posts, and then readers will have to come.

Are you good at the camera, good pictures can also help attract readers.

Be passionate

Write about something that really interests you! Passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

It is always interesting to read what passionate people have at heart. Almost regardless of the subject. So choose to blog about something you’re interested in, something you know about or something you’re curious about learning about.

It does not matter that your topic is niche-like, because it can change. How many do you think knew about LCHF when I started this blog back in 2011? Not many, I can reveal.